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7 Foods That Make You Smarter

7 Foods That Make You Smarter

By Suzy Buglewicz

If the new school year has you scrambling for tips on how to help your kids do better in class, or if you’re looking for ways to increase your own productivity, start by examining your diet. Studies have shown that certain foods serve as fuel for our brains, helping us increase concentration and memory function—they’ve even been shown to help slow down the mind’s natural aging process. The next time you really need to stay alert or pay attention, try to eat more of these 7 foods that have been shown to help improve brain function and increase our ability to focus. Combine this practice with other good habits, like working out to your favorite Beachbody® DVD (mine’s Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Jam®), and you’ll soon find yourself at the head of the class—at any age. Continue reading “7 Foods That Make You Smarter” »

Top 10 Questions about P90X-2

The Top 10 Questions About P90X2™

By Steve Edwards

What’s the difference between P90X® and P90X2? This is the question of the year, and it can’t be answered in one simple sentence, or even one article. So I’ve written this series to help you decide whether or not P90X2 is the program for you. I wish I could tell all of you that P90X2 is right for you, but I’m too responsible for that. I’m sure one program in Beachbody’s huge collection will work for each of you, but if you want to know specifically whether that right one is P90X2, read on. Continue reading “Top 10 Questions about P90X-2” »

Being a beachbody coach has generated numerous like ever since becoming one. Below I have listed my top favorite reasons. They are not the only reasons and actually there are numerous others that could fit in this list. Once you become a coach I would love to hear what your top reason(s) are. Continue reading “Here are my top 10 “Favorite” reasons to become a Beachbody coach!” »

The Answer is YES! You Can. The vast majority of Beachbody Coaches are working part time as a coach. I have always said,”We don’t go out and do Beachbody, we just do Beachbody while we are out”. What does this mean? It mean, if you are doing a program like P90X there is a very good possibility that the subject will come up while you are out. So when this happens, the door has been opened, and you just have to walk through it. Continue reading “Can you run a Beachbody coach business part time?” »

Can I make money as a Beachbody coach?

Believe it or not, this question is one I hear all the time and I have always responded by saying “the question you need to be asking is, Will you make money as a Beachbody coach?” Anyone can make money Continue reading “Can I make money as a Beachbody coach?” »

What is a Beachbody Coach?

All of the Beachbody products like the famous P90X, Insanity, Turbo Jam, Chalean Extreme, Slim in 6 and Hip Hop Abs are becoming a household name very quickly. Now there is an added bonus of getting a Beachbody coach when you purchase any of these workout DVD’s.  You may be wondering, “ What exactly is a Beachbody coach and how much is this coach going to cost me?”  That is what I am going to answer. Continue reading “What is a Beachbody Coach?” »

Stay Connected, Grow Your Beachbody Business

It’s that simple.

By now, you’ve heard us (and everyone else on Earth) rant about the benefits of social networking. You know we’re busy Facebooking on Facebook and tweeting on Twitter. You may have even dabbled in the Facebook and/or Twitter scene yourself. But all in all, you’re pretty satisfied with how you interact with us corporate kids at Team Beachbody®. Continue reading “Stay Connected, Grow Your Beachbody Business” »

Tony Horton Previews His New P90X Workout

Tony Horton Previews His New P90X Workout

Perhaps you’ve heard of a fitness phenomenon called P90X? The 90-day, at-home workout DVD program from Beachbody burst onto the scene a seven years ago promoting the concept of muscle confusion (meaning no plateau!). Continue reading “Tony Horton Previews His New P90X Workout” »

Looking to for some detailed information on the Shakeology cleanse (aka Shakeology Jumpstart)? There are countless number of individuals who have had incredible success with the Shakeology cleanse.See how exactly to do it with step by step instructions. Continue reading “The What, Why and How of Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse” »

Shakeology Review – Oprah Magazine

If you’ve ever asked yourself, Why is Shakeology and why is it So Expensive? or Is Shakeology Truly Worth the Money? then you REALLY need to get yourself a copy of the May 2011 issue of O, the Oprah Magazine. Seriously, Shakeology is just THAT GOOD. And If you’re not convinced of that after reading this 11-page article that was both unsolicited and non-endorsed by the folks at Beachbody then really…I don’t know what else you to tell you to convince you other than…. just try it yourself! Continue reading “Shakeology Review – Oprah Magazine” »

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