One of the first challenges I was faced with when creating this Web site was how to format my Beachbody Coach links, so that I get credit for the referral traffic. It turns out that there is a little trick to it, and that is… use this page as a reference!

When you sign-up to become a coach, Beachbody gives you two Web sites. The URLs look like this:


* USERNAME is the username you used when you signed-up at the Team Beachbody Web site.

These site are created by the company are are coded with all of your referral IDs built into the links. These sites are part of the Beachbody network of sites, and are great to email to people or to promote on Facebook, but they are not optimized to receive search engine traffic, so you’ll want to get your own Web site like this one (contact me, I can help).

The links for people to sign-up as a Beachbody Coach under you look like this:


** Replace XXXXX with your Beachbody Coach ID.

Beachbody Coach Shopping Links


You can find the item number directly from the shopping pages, and you can find your Beachbody Coach ID in your online office.

Free Accounts

You may also want to promote a link for people to sign-up for a free beachbody account. If so, here’s your link.

If you have any questions, let me know!

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