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By now, you’ve heard us (and everyone else on Earth) rant about the benefits of social networking. You know we’re busy Facebooking on Facebook and tweeting on Twitter. You may have even dabbled in the Facebook and/or Twitter scene yourself. But all in all, you’re pretty satisfied with how you interact with us corporate kids at Team Beachbody®.Totally understandable. It’s tough to get excited about plugging into yet ANOTHER channel of news and noise. But here’s the defining difference: Where traditional companies launch social media platforms to endlessly tout new deals, push products, and give pointless spiels, we connect you with the things that will help you build your business and increase your income. Right now. Sure, most of the news, tools, training, and program information is already in your Online Office. But our social media pages allow you to get the things you need more quickly, on the fly, and without hassle (for all you iPhone, BlackBerry, Google Phone, and Droid users, etc.). Plus, there’s the whole inspiration, get-your-questions-answered, and connect-with-other-Coaches aspect. So if you haven’t already, make it a point to join us on Facebook AND Twitter. Of course, no pressure . . .

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Here’s where you can find us!

1. FACEBOOK: Team Beachbody Game Plan Challenge – Connect with the latest news, upcoming events, recognition, Q&A, training, and tools.
The classic choice. This was the FIRST Coach social media page and is probably the best place to get the latest announcements, view our corporate event calendar (and register!), and get Call recordings, photo albums, Webinar recordings, and promotions info. You can ask questions, contact Coaches, and voice your TBB wishlist here as well. We WILL hear you!

2. FACEBOOK: Coach Connections – Connect with other Coaches, share ideas and business tips, and find local events. In network marketing, connection is king. If nothing else, get involved on our Coach Connections Facebook page. Facebook Fans of the Team Beachbody Coach Connections page expand their scope of business relationships, as well as nurture the ones they’ve already developed. This is where the Discussion platform lives—a place Coaches can weigh in with other Coaches and reach out to the coaching community for support. For many, it’s become a Team Beachbody sounding board. Share ideas, tips, wisdom, and local events and parties. Get in on it!

3. TWITTER: _mybeachbodycoach – News, biz tips, inspiration, Q&A, fun facts, etc. Your go-to feed for breaking news, good reads, live event updates, inspiration, and Q&A. Pretend you’re not sick of hearing about Twitter for a minute. Seriously. This is where you can get everything you need. All the time, every day. Of course, you can choose to tune us out for the stuff you’re not interested in, but there is always something important here—whether it’s breaking news, tools and training that are HOT off the presses, inspiring quotes, tasty recipes, good reads, or live event updates. We’d also love to hear from you here. So tweet us your questions, concerns, ideas, business tips, etc. We’ll get back to you. Plus, if you tweet us, we’ll probably follow you, too!

Hope to see (and hear) from you soon,

—Kevin Morneault, independent beachbody coach.-

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