Being a beachbody coach has generated numerous like ever since becoming one. Below I have listed my top favorite reasons. They are not the only reasons and actually there are numerous others that could fit in this list. Once you become a coach I would love to hear what your top reason(s) are.

1. Pay it forward.

There is no end to the amount of people you can help get healthy and fit. Everybody knows someone who could stand to improve thier overall health. Just think about it. Consider it to be an obligation to help. If everyone helps everyone in the end we all win.

2. You get to make some or a lot of extra money.

That is correct. Every single time you recommend one of Beachbody’s products you receive a 25% commission for you effort. And the best part is, these products sell themselves. All we do is recommend the product…. most likely the very product we use ourselves. Believe me when I tell you, most people have heard of the P90X exercise program. As well as many of the workouts because the infomercials do most of the work for us.

3. Save 25% on all of your purchases.

Shakeology, Insanity: The Asylum, P90X2, you name it. You will save 25% on the whole Beachbody products line

4. Accountability

Being a coach makes me want to work out even more. I feel like it is part of my job now. If I am going to talk the talk then I better be walking the walking. The Support you will get from the beachbody community will help you in maintaining and keeping yourself accountable to lead a healithier life.

5. You can qualify for FREE customers.

Oh ya, you read it right. Absolutley FREE customers. You have to qualify but its not that hard. call me at 207-200-1751 or click here to sign right up as a coach and get started. Over time these customers start to add up. When a new program like P90X2 is released you will already have built in sales from your downline of enthusiasts.

6. You are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

This is absolutely one of the best parts of this business. We are all shooting for the same thing and there will always be somebody to help if you need it. Look for your upline coaches to help you with any of your questions. After all, whether it is in health or finances… we all succeed when we all succeed together.

7. Everybody has heard of our products.

Over $100 million has been spent in infomercial advertising and nearly $500 million in sales, you can sure bet that a ton of people have heard of Beachbody products. You truly can’t say that about other companies products. It is a lot easier to recommend a workout when someone has been exposed to the product on an infomercial 2 days ago.

8. No experience needed.

You do not need to be a nutritionist or a trainer, but you do have to want to share fitness and share your success with others. If you like helping others then becoming a Beachbody coach is for you.

9. Tax benefits.

When you become a Beachbody coach you are starting your own business. And With that will come certain tax advantages and write offs. Talk to your CPA for more details.

10. Beachbody has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau

This speaks volumes for itself, but feel free to check out my post Beachbody gets an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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