All of the Beachbody products like the famous P90X, Insanity, Turbo Jam, Chalean Extreme, Slim in 6 and Hip Hop Abs are becoming a household name very quickly. Now there is an added bonus of getting a Beachbody coach when you purchase any of these workout DVD’s.  You may be wondering, “ What exactly is a Beachbody coach and how much is this coach going to cost me?”  That is what I am going to answer.

A Beachbody coach is most often an average person just like you or I that enjoys the products, fitness, staying healthy and sharing the lifestyle with others.

  • Many coaches work with programs that produce results fast.
  • Many coaches are dedicated to your goals and are here to help you in any way that they can.
  • Many coaches have done the Beachbody workouts so they can answer any questions you might have on a particular program.  Such as needing help uploading a picture on your transformation site, can’t figure out how to send a buddy invitation.

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Here is a short list of questions a Coach can help direct you on as well.

  • Stuckwondering what workout to do next?
  • Need some extra motivation?
  • Need to get back on track?
  • Need help with your meal planner or nutrition plan?
  • Need someone to talk fitness with?
  • Need a buddy to workout?

These are a few of the many things a Beachbody coach will help you with. That is the benefit of having a coach.

“The coaches at Health Fitness Energy are always available to assist you in answering, choosing, deciding or motivating you in any way you need.”

A coach is always here for you to help you reach your every goal.  Some are doctors, musicians, trainers, nutritionists, lawyers, nurses, housewives, REALTORS, plumbers, mechanics, teachers that all have that one thing in common.  They all want to share health and fitness with everyone and help put an end to the obesity trend in this country.

Does it cost me anything?  Short answer, NO.  You will get a coach as soon as you purchase your Beachbody workout.  Not a bad deal.  So many companies charge for a service like this. Why would Beachbody give it away for free?  Simply put, coaches add value to the company and give the customer someone to turn to when they need it. Go to Wal-mart and purchase a workout DVD and see if anyone can answer your questions. Chances are you will be talking to a customer service rep from another country that speaks English as a third language.

So if you have a coach, use their knowledge to your advantage. Who knows, you might just make a new friend. If you need a coach sign up here and we will be more than happy to help.

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